Dry Eyes and Eye Drops

Dry Eyes and Eye Drops

Are you suffering from dry eye? Things you should know when selecting artificial tears.

You may be suffering from dry eyes resulting from long hours of computer use, aging, side effects to various medications, eye surgery, environmental factors, contact lens over wear-the list is endless.

Artificial tears are often used to provide moisture and relieve symptoms of dryness. When selecting artificial tears it is important to use eye drops best suited to your eyes specific needs. Artificial tears can target different layers of the tear film. In addition to lubricating your eyes, some artificial tears contain additives such as electrolytes which promote ocular surface healing and thickening agents which promote ocular surface moisture retention. Artificial tears may also contain preservatives which if overused can further irritate the eye. In addition some eye drops contain vasoconstrictors which are aimed at reducing redness, but if overused can result in rebound redness and further irritation.

When using drops it is important you are using the type best suited to your ocular condition. It is important to note that no single brand of artificial tears works best for every form of eye dryness. If you are suffering from dry eye see us for an assessment so we can help provide your eyes relief.

Dr. Nowakowska

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