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ICYMI: How We Install Nosepads

behind the scenes eyewear handmade

A Handcrafted Fit

There are times we fall in love with a frame. Its shape is flattering, its colour is complimentary, and its materials are top notch. When we put it on however, something about it just doesn't fit well. It hovers over your nose bridge, it slides down, and generally leaves a little something to be desired. 

At Glass Monocle Eyecare, we can modify the frame to be fitted for nosepad arms. This allows a more customized and comfortable fit, while allowing a patient to still wear the frames they love. 

Watch this short clip of our hand crafted process; from trimming and polishing the frame to implanting the arms. 

This is something that takes time, practice, and a steady hand. Each pair we modify is treated with love, gentle hands, and a lot of polish. If you have any questions or comments, leave us a note or stop by our store! We'd love to hear from you.

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