Gigi Hadid wearing Deep Worship Karen Walker

Karen Walker and the Celebrities Who Love Her

Celebrities, models, and socialites have all been seen wearing the unmistakable eccentrically elegant eyewear design of Karen Walker. The New Zealand designer began her fashion collection in 1995, with $80 to her company. Two decades later, her designs have been featured in runway shows and luxury boutiques around the globe. 

“Functionality and strong does not exclude glam," Walker says about her designs. Her trademark is optimistic, unpretentious fashion which throws opposites together such as masculine and feminine, luxury and practical, and street versus utility. Her frames sport a trademark bold arrow along the temples. 

Below are some of the classics we're excited about and who carried the look well. If you like them, visit any of our Toronto optical stores near you for more of Karen Walker.

1. Number One

Karen Walker Number One

Called the Number One, it's no wonder we're most excited to have this frame. This piece is a classic in the Karen Walker collection. The shape is decidedly feminine but with a flair of fierce. Bold angles makes this piece a standout in the cluttered world of cat eye shapes.  

Rihanna wearing Number One by Karen Walker

As Seen On: Rihanna (singer/songwriter) 

2. Deep Freeze

Karen Walker Deep Freeze

This unisex, understated look is a timeless shape. Although it's a little more subtle in it's design, the brow shape is prominent and conveys a bold presence. The crazy tort colour lends trendiness to it's profile. 

Lebron James wearing Deep Freeze by  Karen Walker

As Seen On: LeBron James (professional basketball player) 

3. Super Duper

Karen Walker Super Duper

Round glasses have been around since we figured out how to make lenses; it has made a huge comeback in the last year. Combined with the luxury of oversized frames, Karen Walker's Super Duper frames are highly sought after, and for good reason. 

Scarlett Johansson wearing Super Duper by Karen Walker

As Seen On: Scarlett Johansson (actress)

4. Deep Worship

Karen Walker Deep Worship

A slightly shorter profile than the Deep Freeze, this trendsetting piece has become an icon for the Karen Walker collection. Its bold frame covers yet flatters the face well, and the slight droop highlights the brow bridge. 

Gigi Hadid wearing Deep Worship Karen Walker
As Seen On: Gigi Hadid (fashion model) 


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