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Lafont Paris: 90 Years of Eyewear

We are super excited to be working with Lafont Paris, a hugely recognizable brand in the world of eyewear. Started in 1923, the Lafont family played a large role in making spectacles a fashion accessory instead of a medical necessity. This brand is individualistic with their bold prints, colours, and shapes. See below for a few reasons why we're excited to have Lafont at our Bloor St W and Leslieville eyeglasses store.

Lafont: The Parisian Art Deco Chic

1. Issy & LA

This line of Lafont is the ultra trendy collection with playful cat eye motifs, bright patterns, and complimentary colours. Geared more towards feminine shapes and sizes, the collection is a wonderful representation of the French fashion without breaking the bank. 

Lafont Issy & La Tantot

2. OFG (Guaranteed French Origin) Label

As a point of pride for Paris, Lafont is the first eyewear company in France to receive an "OFG" stamp on about 80% of their frames. This certifies that a specific frame has been designed in France, transmitted to their manufacturer in France, was worked on and inspected by Parisian craftsmen, then packaged and finally distributed by a French company. Essentially, every aspect of the frame is French. Look for the logo on their frames! 

Lafont OFG Certificate

3. Reedition's Genie

As an homage to their elaborate history, Lafont created a line that reflected the iconic styles they brought to life. In particular, we brought in the "Genie", a round vintage shape with a keyhole in colourful translucent acetates.

Lafont Reedition Genie

If you're a fan of Lafont, visit any of our Toronto eyeglasses stores where our opticians can help find you the perfect eyeglasses and if you need an eye exam, we have on-site optometrists.

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