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Nikon's Newest Breakthrough: Seecoat Bright

How Nikon is helping you see a brighter world.

Many people face an issue with colour perception in dim lighting. Due to it's location on the colour spectrum, reds are the most diminished in the dark; this leads to more dull colour sensitivity at night and in dimmer situations. This is particularly amplified after the age 40, as the crystalline lens (the secondary lens behind your cornea) begins to age as well, leading to far less distinctiveness for the colour red, especially at night time. 

Nikon, a leader in optical innovation, developed a coating which helps to supplement the amount of red that your eye receives. Their Seecoat series now involves a red colour enhancer, called their Seecoat Bright. Due to the coating, reds wavelengths are emphasized, helping to restore the natural balance of colour perception and increased contrast. 

To date, this is the only available solution to diminished colour perception. While there are many temporary solutions (such as red map lights in cars), Seecoat Bright provides improved contrast in every situation. 

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