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The Trendsetters of Fashion Sunglasses

Back in 1926, P. Oliver Goldsmith was the pioneer in creating sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Old Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine, and Grace Kelly donned Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses both in movies and in their day to day life. 

Fashion houses such as Givenchy and Dior commissioned sunglasses to match their fashion runway collections; Oliver Goldsmith was the first to appear in Vogue and Queen magazine, and to this day they are the epitome of glamour Hollywood. 

We're proud to present the Family collection, sunglasses designed in this day and age but inspired by the icons throughout the decades. 

1. The Finsbury

Oliver Goldsmith Finsbury

This frame takes its DNA from the 1970's Kendal - a frame that really stands out from the crowd. Its strong browline give this frame a masculine look while still holding on to that Goldsmith classic timeless style.

2. The Poland

This frame is inspired by the 1966 Orbison. It's geometric shape combined with a cat-eye flair is reminiscent of the bold and beautiful female icons. A vintage feel with personality.

3. The Carnaby

The Carnaby is related to the Casper from 1971. Carnaby has all of Casper's interesting details in this P3 design, but this frame combines them with a slimmed down silhouette with slightly softer edges than its iconic relative.

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Love the shape of those Polands!


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