How We're Protecting Ourselves

How We're Protecting Ourselves

How Are We Creating a Safe Space During The Pandemic?


Doug Ford recently shortened the list of essential businesses; while taking all necessary precautions, Glass Monocle Eyecare is happy to say that we're still open to help those in dire need! However, the rules and laws of distancing have also increased and become more defined. Here are some of the precautions we've taken to protect both our staff and the public during this time.

Social Distancing

We strongly encourage patients to consider the urgency of their visit prior to coming in. Furthermore, we are currently not allowing more than 3 visitors in our shop at any time, and we are operating on a hands-off delivery system for both pick ups and repairs.


Any surfaces that were touched during a patient's visit is disinfected with Lysol wipes or alcohol pads, which includes table surfaces, pupilometers, frames, credit card machines, and door handles. As for our staff, our keyboards, phones, display keys, etc. are also wiped consistently.


Washing Each Frame with Soap

We keep all our frames behind glass panes, and we try to minimize the amount of frames that are tried on. Any frame which is tried on is put aside, then thoroughly washed with soap to cleanse them before putting them back on our shelves. The reason we avoid using rubbing alcohol or lysol wipes is because they are caustic chemicals, which can damage the acetate of plastic frames, and oxidize the metal parts such as hinges and screws.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

We have a small amount of PPE which are donned when handling any devices (frames, measurement tools, etc.) Gloves are worn when anything is passed between our staff and patients, and a mask is worn when taking measurements needing to get within a few feet. 

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