The Battle of the Mask vs. Foggy Glasses

The Battle of the Mask vs. Foggy Glasses

The Struggle Of Eyeglasses Fog During The Pandemic

During these times to flatten the curve, people who are stepping out for essential needs such as groceries or medical requirements have been encouraged to wear a face mask in public. This helps to stop the spread of any airborne particles from entering our passageways, and several countries have made public recommendations for their citizens to cover up. 

However, one pesky issue has affected mask wearers. The condensation from our breaths have caused our glasses to fog up! While not a life-altering affliction, this can still be bothersome for most, especially when it comes time to drive or read product labels. Here are some tips that can help.


TIP #1 - Use Masks That Have A Bridge Wire

Many surgical masks and respirators have a wire fixed in the mask, which is meant to conform to the shape of your nose bridge. When properly formed, it should create a "seal" of sorts at the top of the mask, so your breath doesn't escape from the top. 

TIP #2 - Place Your Glasses On Top Of Your Mask

Wear your glasses on top of your mask, so that the seal between your mask and your skin isn't compromised and your breath wafts through. This will also be far more comfortable than... well, wearing your mask on top of your glasses. 

TIP #3 - Wash With Detergent And Water

Gently wash your lenses with dish soap, and rinse with tepid water and gently dry it off with a microfibre cloth. The detergent creates a "thin surfactant film" which prevents moisture from building up on the lens, at least temporarily. 


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