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Mastering the Right Hook

A Tailor For Your Eyewear

Glasses have become a fashion statement, a complimentary accessory that keeps you from walking into walls while looking sharp. Buying a new pair is only halfway there; making sure they are fitted properly is just as important as finding the right style.

While not regularly disheveled, ill fitting glasses nonetheless can still be a bit of a bother; constantly adjusting them while they're on your face is a telltale sign they need to be better adjusted for your features. Here's a few things to consider.

Bench Alignment

Our work station is called a "bench". So, when we say bench align it means we are making sure that it's flat on four points. We flip the frame over, making sure the front is flat on the surface and the two temples (or arms, or legs, or stems, there are so many terms for it) are also resting on the surface. This is a starting point, and adjustments carry on from here.

Bench Aligned Eyeglasses

Earpiece Adjustment

To ensure a snug fit, the end of the temple (called the earpiece) is curved downwards to hook behind your ear. Too far back and the glasses will slide until it catches; too far forward and the glasses will sit slanted. It should be bent at around 45°, and fit right behind the ear while gently touching the skin. Too tight and it will cause headaches, too loose and it will stick out from behind your ear. It's truly an art! 

Earpiece Curved Eyeglasses


Tweaking the Nose Pads

For metal frames, a common complaint is red marks on the nose bridge. This is often caused by nose pads which aren't resting properly, digging in and causing irritation. A specific tool is used to "splay" the pads so they rest flush against the skin. The size of the splay will determine how high or low the glasses sit.

Nosepad Splay Eyeglasses

 Can these be done by myself?

It's best to let your local optician do this for you; both specific tools and equipment are used to ensure we don't break or rough handle your frames. Frames will become misaligned over time as you live it up, so stop in every so often for a quick adjustment and tune up. 


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