TOMS - One for One

TOMS - One for One

The Gift of Sight

Founded as a shoe manufacturer in 2006, TOMS has built their company on the philosophy of giving back. They perform extensive outreach work for those less fortunate, and have made a positive impact wherever they go. From their inspiration during a trip to South America to their humble beginnings in California, TOMS expanded their manufacturing process to include eyewear, coffee, and handbags. 

Here's some notable facts about their eyewear and why we're so proud to be supporting their cause.

1. They Support Local Businesses in Less Fortunate Areas

In an attempt to help grow and support the communities they work in, they team up with local doctors and eyewear manufacturers. This makes sure that they don't take away business from the locals, but instead help to foster growth and support. Their One for One program guarantees that for every pair sold, they will help to restore the sight of one person in need in a community, while working with that community in an educational and constructive manner. 

2. Every Stripe Tells A Story

The TOMS Eyewear collection all sport a distinctive stripe on their temple. This is to represent their philosophy: The first part of the temple is you, the buyer, for your personal sense of style. The middle stripe represents TOMS, and the temple of a different colour represents the person whose vision is restored. 

3. The Designers of Oliver Peoples

A lesser known fact about TOMS is that their frame designs are done by the same creative team as Oliver Peoples, a well-known luxury eyewear brand famous for their vintage looks.  

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