Operating as an Essential Service

Operating as an Essential Service

Why we're open among many COVID-19 closures

While we navigate our way through this difficult and stressful time, changes are being made to accommodate and protect the health of the public. While we fully understand the risks of keeping our doors open, Glass Monocle Eyecare remains operational at this time for essential services. 

What is an essential service? 

On Monday March 24th, Premier Doug Ford released a list of essential services that would be allowed to remain open during this time of emergency. Under the category of Health Care and Seniors Care and Social Services, section 56 states that businesses that sell, rent or repair medical devices can remain open. 

We feel it our responsibility to help those who direly need it. We've temporarily closed one of our locations, as well as shortened our hours, to protect the staff who are diligently working to help those who have come to us in need.

Questions to ask yourself

1. Are you dependent on your missing/broken eyewear?

Due to lack of corrective lenses (glasses and/or contact lenses) are you not able to work from home anymore? Are you dependent on your eyewear for computer work or any other tasks your job requires from you? 

Are you unable to take care of yourself, or for those who depend on you (such as elders or children) without your eyewear? For example, are you no longer able to drive to pick up groceries, deliver supplies to those who rely on you, etc.

2. Are your glasses broken beyond a temporary home repair?

While we understand glasses do break, is there a temporary fix you can manage at home? We recommend the use of tape, as it is a non-permanent fix that we can remove at a later time and inspect what may need to be done to repair the glasses (lens popped out, temple fell off, screw came loose, etc.)

3. Do you have a backup pair at home?

If you have a back up pair at home that you can use in the meantime which isn't too different from your current pair, would those suffice for a short while?


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