You Need To Start Cleaning Your Eyes

You Need To Start Cleaning Your Eyes

By not removing your eye makeup before bed you can be putting yourself at risk for several unhygienic consequences. 

  1. Styes - (bacterial infection)
  2. Cysts - sac of membrane growth
  3. Blepharitis - inflammation of the eyelids
  4. Swelling and puffiness of the eyelids or glands around the eye

If makeup is not properly cleaned, it can build up under the eyelid, resulting in something similar to this: 


Eye Makeup Tips - Preventative measures

  1. Don’t share cosmetics: this is a very easy way to spread bacteria, due to all the membranes around the eye. Because of the moisture and lack of disruption, bacteria can thrive in environments like the eye.
  2. Make sure to use gentle, moisturizing eye makeup wipes, which contain hydrating agents like panthenol. This ensures any irritants are removed, and keeps the area around the eye healthy. 

Eye Makeup Removal Tips

Soak a cotton pad with dual phase (water and oil) eye makeup remover, then gently wipe over eyes in one go - no harsh rubbing or pressure.

It is important to use a remover with oil because it helps to break down the makeup.

Make sure you use a gentle, moisturizing eye makeup remover and NOT a regular facial cleanser.  The most sensitive skin on your face is around the eyes! In some cases, using the wrong cleanser can cause lichenification (thickening of the skin).

"Swipe gently across your lash line moving from the inner corner of your eyes outward. Then go back to the inner corner and make short downward motions, following your lashes across your eye until you reach the outer corner," says Dr. Fusco.  Never go back to swipe underneath the eyes either. (If you do the above correctly, you won't need to because you're removing makeup from the upper lid and lower lashes simultaneously.) "A common mistake I see some women do is open up their eyes, tilt their head back, take that cotton pad, and try to get the underside of the lashes," says Dr. Fusco. "They shouldn't do that because the fiber of the cotton or the pad could get in their eyes and really irritate them."

Cleanse/rinse AFTER you’ve used the oil-water combo. There can still be residue left behind from removers.  If you need to fix leftover residue, dip one side of a cotton swab in the eye makeup remover, tidy up, and then dip the clean side in a micellar water to wipe away any oily residue.

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